NCCET - Your Invitation to Join/Renew

NCCET is working to provide the best resources you need and the professional community you desire. We invite you to bring your experience and join the other college professionals working to better themselves, their community, and their workplace as members of NCCET.

Members-Only Benefits and Services

With your membership, you receive an incredible amount of benefits, services, and resources. We appreciate you encouraging colleagues to join and enjoy the benefits of NCCET membership. Thank you for your interest with NCCET. We look forward to having you as a member of NCCET. To check out all of the benefits offered, CLICK HERE.

Membership Dues

Institutional Membership NOW (Includes UNLIMITED Individuals) 

The Institutional Membership is available to a single institution of higher education. (NEW) This membership includes an unlimited number of individuals. 

Institutional Membership is based on college size as designated by the Carnegie Classification

Very Small/Small - $299
Medium - $399
Large/Very Large - $499

NCCET Member Spreadsheet

To Update Your Institution Roster (For Use By Primary Representative Only)

Once your institution has provided the Excel Executive Office with your initial Excel spreadsheet, your primary representative has the ability to use one of these short forms to add, update, remove, an individual member's record.

Please use this form to add a member:

NCCET Institution Add a Member Form

To update or remove an individual member's record, please use this form:

NCCET Institution Update or Remove a Member Form



Business Membership - $495

The Business Membership rate is available for a business, regardless of size, to join in support of NCCET’s mission and goals. Up to five (5) employees of the business shall receive all individual member benefits, except for voting privileges, the ability to sit on the Board of Directors, and access to the Listserv for selling purposes. Business members may and are encouraged to serve on committees. Business members get a FREE listing on the online Business Directory. 


Membership Year

The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. For new members, those who join afJointer the half way point through the current membership year may take 50% off their membership dues payment for the following membership year. Those who join three-quarters through the current year may take 75% off their membership dues payment for the following year.


To Join


For your convenience, NCCET offers a secure online membership process. To access the online application, simply click on the appropriate online form below and follow these simple instructions:


Joining online is easy! Simply complete the appropriate online form to the right.

On the first screen, you will be asked to complete the form to create your online account.

On the second screen, you will be providing us with contact information, interests, and demographical information.

On the third screen you will be directed to provide your payment method. 





    Institutional Online Membership Application
    Business Online Membership Application

Once you have completed registering your membership online, you will receive an emailed confirmation. This confirmation will contain a summary of your online application, your member confirmation letter, and online credit card receipt. Please keep this email for your documentation and receipt of membership.


If you require a W-9 form for NCCET, download it here: NCCET W9 2017

NCCET Mailing Address and Fax Number

Please mail or fax your membership application to:


PO Box 2916
Columbus, OH 43216-2916

Fax: (877) 835-5798


Upcoming Events

October 15-17, 2018

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