Presidents Message

Our hearts and minds are with you all at this time. As the current President of the National Council for Continuing Education and Training, and the Director of Polk State’s Corporate College, I wish to provide you with both information and positive expectations. You don’t need more facts about the coronavirus, the experts are tending to that.

Much has been said of the current disruption to our schools, our industry partners and our related organizations. I want to assure you that our Board of Directors and volunteer committee members are dedicated to identifying what is needed most by our members during this time. For now, I am happy to say that there are exciting new options on the table.

Throughout this pandemic, the business of education continues and we must be ready to provide training solutions for all students and educators. Given our experience with distance learning technologies, we can be of immense assistance in addressing the immediate needs of our collective stakeholders, but it will require creativity and innovation. Now is the time to devise entirely new delivery vehicles to make our members whole.

Planning is taking place for the benefit of our Members and new Associate Member organizations. You should look forward to an unprecedented flow of information from NCCET about new programs and upcoming events. We will be redesigning this website so that it can play a central role in the delivery of that information.

Stay safe and share among you the professionalism demanded during challenging times like this.

Thank you,

Howard Drake
President - NCCET

Presidents Message

Greetings to all of our members, both current and soon to be:

I am truly honored and humbled to be your 2019-2021 NCCET President.  The ability of the organization to achieve its mission of being the catalyst for innovative solutions to promote excellence in continuing education and workforce training is enhanced by the strength of the board and our partners.  I encourage you to view your board members information and reach out to any of us regarding our renewed and enthusiastic endorsement of the three value propositions:  Certified Curriculum you can deploy, Professional Development for your staff, and proven Growth Strategies for revenue generation and increased enrollments.

With our recent successful 50th Anniversary conference in Orlando, we are poised and positioned for explosive growth. Our network of current and forecasted partners are prepared to answer the call and challenge NCCET to enhance the value for our membership. We are the National Council for Continuing Education and Training and you are a part of setting the pace as we initiate a new history for NCCET.

NCCET is committed to demonstrating our ability to address the relevant and ever- changing issues and challenges our membership faces. We will not only work proactively to ensure that our membership’s issues and concerns are part of the conversation, but our proposed solutions are evidenced based. 

Both Workforce training and continuing education have become a critical component to maintaining a competitive workforce and personal enrichment. It can be vital to the individual employee as well as the business as a whole.  Creating solutions to achieve the training needed by our corporate partners, forces us to become innovative with the delivery of the training required.  NCCET has a vision of being the Premier Resource for Continuing Education & Training Professionals.

NCCET is here for YOU!! With the new leadership of Mr. Ed Harper as the NCCET Executive Director, NCCET is ready to respond and assist you with any of your needs. 

There will be much communication through the partnership of the Evollution Team and I look forward to seeing you all at the events that will be developed.  More to come on that.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve. 

Thank You,

Howard Drake
President, NCCET