Polk State College Corporate College ​

Submitted By: Dr. Carrie Root, CEO , Alpha UMi 
Program Contact: Howard Drake, Director, Polk State Corporate College
Email: hdrake@polk.edu

Polk State College

General Description

Polk State College’s Corporate College has a unique relationship with local and state-wide trade associations to address the challenges of local manufacturing organizations. They work collaboratively with Florida Makes and the Manufacturing and Supply-Chain Alliance of Mid-Florida. Through introductions at collaborative industry meetings hosted by and at PSC’s Corporate College and led by the Trade Associations, they are making the case for soft skills and leadership skills training throughout that market sector.​


This program builds upon creative relationships that PSC’s Corporate College is fostering. It already is self-sustaining through the relationships that they have established.


This program IS replicable at other institutions. PSC’s Corporate College has made relationships with the leaders of the trade associations that work with their local industries and provides the associations’ members with value add through relevant and affordable training. That template is readily implementable at any similar institution.​

Resources Required

A relationship with local industry to know what associations to reach. Facilities to host meetings between industry and the associations to hold the discussions that drive selection of content to provide in training programs.

Time Allocated

This builds over time. Success, in my opinion, occurs with the first phone call, the first meeting, the first identification of potential partners, the first meeting. All of these are relevant success-oriented milestones that work per PSC’s model.


Howard Drake has been is the driver of this program at PSC. Beyond that, it is the local industry and trade association professionals who see the value proposition and make the magic happen.