St. Petersburg College Corporate College

Submitted By: Dr. Carrie Root, CEO , Alpha UMi 
Program Contact: Belinthia Berry, Program Director, Customized Training and Professional Development

St. Petersburg College

General Description

SPC’s Workforce Institute is a strong presence in Pinellas County. A year ago, they took our product, 5G Power Skills, onboard and have made a significant impact with it. Starting with staff training at the college, they have turned it into a significant source of current and future revenues with their collaborative work with local industry and local government. They currently are working to bring our program into the technical high school and the two collegiate high schools in Pinellas County. Their creative thinking regarding applications of our program are amazing! They have also used our product to work for the greater good, in their programs with the YMCA and Keys to Manhood. The Keys to Manhood program is particularly noteworthy—they brought young males from middle school and high school into SPC for a day of learning which included select workshops from our Power Skills curriculum.


This program is revenue positive for SPC’s Workforce Institute.


This program IS replicable at other institutions. Working with a college’s continuing education department, we will train their trainers and support their outreach to build their program.

Resources Required

Use of the curriculum based on 5G Power Skills and our other products requires a license agreement to use the components of the product. Use of the 5G Power Skills or other curriculum by continuing education requires a license agreement and certified facilitators. Cost is determined by use but has purposefully been kept affordable for access by our partners.

Time Allocated

SPC has made it profitable with tremendous growth opportunity within a year. While not every organization has a Belinthia Berry, it is possible to achieve positive results with the tremendous set of products offered by Alpha UMi within a short window of time.


Belinthia Berry is the driver of this program at SPC. She works together with others at SPC’s Workforce Institute as well as with Alpha UMi to make this program available to local constituents.