EnrollMatch® Admissions Training

Submitted By: Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner
Program Contact: Alissa Guidry, Executive Dir. of Admissions
Phone: 985-520-4778 | M: 985-590-1155
Email: alissag@avedaarts.edu
Contact: Amber Michel, Admissions Training Manager
Email: amber.michel@avedaarts.edu

Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes

Project Team Interview

​Based on the work you've put into EnrollMatch, how well have you progressed in making it part of your culture?

We've learned that integrating EnrollMatch into a culture requires the proper follow up training. Because we didn't have more trainers at the initial launch of EnrollMatch, not all partners bought into the program at the same level. Where we have consistently seen it integrated into our culture the most is the approach that we now take. Rather than an interview, we take the approach of building rapport and branching for effective conversations. Admissions Managers use this approach, as well as Admissions Call Center Representatives. In our Admissions Call Center, on-going training continues to emphasize the importance of using the tools learned in EnrollMatch for effective communication. 

What results have you seen that show the program¹s value (to your organization, your staff, your students)? What specific ROI can you attribute to the EnrollMatch program? 

We've seen the greatest impact of EnrollMatch in our Admissions Call Center. Last fiscal year we started a brand-new call center, and even through that transition our show rate improved by 5 percentage points. In the first quarter of this fiscal year we saw a 10 percent increase from our best show rate resulting in a 62% show rate. 

What is the potential for other higher ed institutions to replicate some of your successes?

The potential for success of any higher ed institution is extremely high.  This is primarily because Norton Norris has a proven formula for integration.  The EnrollMatch program comes complete with coaching and reinforcement learning all year long. Norton Norris worked with us through 4 phases of integration to customize the program specific to our students and programs. We even modified forms and processes to align with the process to see results quickly.  

We were empowered as trainers of the program to coach our teams and NN was there to coach us! Keep in mind the program is also turn key. It comes complete with a trainer’s manual, participant manuals, eLearning modules, videos, and monthly live, virtual trainings to keep the learning going! 

To learn more about the EnrollMatch® program as well as see a video, research study white paper and quotes from past participants, please go to www.enrollmatch.com