EnrollMatch® Admissions Training

Submitted By: Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner, Norton|Norris, Inc.
Program Contacts: Derrick Pope, VP of Admissions; 
Jennifer Christensen, Systems Manager of Admissions, Training & Development
Phone: 720-217-7673

Herzing University

General Description

On behalf of Herzing University, thank you for the opportunity to showcase our work in the area of staff development. Since 2014, Herzing has embraced EnrollMatch® system-wide (nine ground campuses and online teams; 100 admissions professionals representing more than 60 programs) and we continuously work to support best practices and exceptional student experiences. 

From early inception, EnrollMatch® has been a natural fit for Herzing as it aligns with our core values, represented in our “P.R.I.C.E. of Success” model (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Caring, Engagement). That said, being a natural fit for your organization and getting your people to adopt it are two very different things. In order to instill this into our admissions culture we have added several layers of training, tools, and support. 

All new admissions advisors are welcomed to Herzing with an engaging one-week training (“boot camp”) that introduces best practices, expectations and the Student Empowerment Approach (SEA) taught in the EnrollMatch® program. We’ve created tools for advisors to use as they facilitate meetings with students (i.e., SEA Outline and SEA Worksheets) and reinforce expectations by requiring all directors to observe and coach each of their advisors on a weekly basis. An observation form is used to document feedback and score the interview, along with a Coaching Progress Report to document strengths, opportunities and any plan of action and scheduled follow up. In addition, we added the Vice President’s Club, a recognition program built to highlight best in class delivery and adherence to the EnrollMatch® process. By positively reinforcing excellent execution we are creating an exciting culture centered around EnrollMatch®.

Over the past year, we have introduced three key initiatives to our staff, all include EnrollMatch®. 

  1. Custom Show – a new presentation tool for all advisors to most effectively facilitate student interviews (whether online or face-to-face/on-ground). Slides/presentations align with the Student Empowerment Approach (SEA) and provide staff with a resource to ensure consistent student experiences, better program information at their fingertips, and a more visually dynamic student engagement;
  2. “Herzing Way” –All departments involved in the enrollment progression process identified gaps and best practices in creating the best student experience/most efficient processes and we produced a standardized process to improve the student and staff experience while better preparing students for success. The SEA/EnrollMatch® approach sets the stage for effective enrollment progression (i.e., right fit, next steps, and realistic expectations); and
  3. Employee Pathways – advisors now have an opportunity to advance in their roles with formal admissions career pathways. Our coaching, reviews, and promotions are competency-based. We’ve built a “Competency Library” with various tools, training, and activities, to include EnrollMatch®/SEA, to support development.  

This work has proven valuable, resulting in the achievement of FY enrollment (exceeding budget and prior year) with an overall 9% increase.  In addition, our call score average (on a scale of 0 – 4) has gone from 2.4 to 2.8. We have seen an increase in our conversion rates, particularly from admit to enroll and a significant improvement in “lag time” from application to enroll. As we go into 2020, we welcome an accreditation visit and have the tools and processes in place to proudly promote our work. The use of EnrollMatch® gives our partners a higher level of comfort when working on cross-departmental initiatives improving both collaboration and communication.  

We have certainly evolved over the years that we’ve worked with Norton Norris.  That said, we immediately embraced the “why” behind the partnership/approach which set the stage for success.  Our words of wisdom would include getting the buy-in from leadership, creating tools to support best practices and continued reinforcement and competency development.  Continue to challenge yourself with more aggressive employee development goals and go above and beyond what is simply necessary. Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to do a complete reboot if necessary. Go “all-in”, remain engaged with NN and ask for help!