EnrollMatch® Admissions Training

Submitted By: Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner, Norton|Norris, Inc.
Program Contacts: Wendi Oliveira, Corporate Director of Admissions
Email: wendyio@sjvc.edu

San Jaoquin Valley College

Project Team Interview

Based on the work you’ve put into EnrollMatch, how well have you progressed in making it part of your culture?

The EM system has allowed our advisors to support and enhance the SJVC culture of student focused compliant admissions.  The core values the EM system relies on were one of the main reasons we chose the program.

What specifically have you done to get your team to embrace the program?

The structure of the partnership we formed with Norton Norris led to the success we had from launch, to implementation, integration and ongoing monitoring of execution.   NN provides exceptional tools for colleges and their trainers to ensure they are truly partners, coaches and mentors.    As we prepared for launch, I was able to work with Dr. Jean and her team to review and revise forms, benchmark and track metrics and ensure teams had tools to and systems to support the implementation and continues growth.  Tools like live coaching, webinars and LMS systems that we use today in our New Hire On-Boarding and for continuing education of the teams.

What unique things has your organization done related to this program to serve students?  

The best service to students is the ability to ensure our admissions teams are working in a collaborative way with prospects ensuring their decision on our school, program and career outcome are the best fit for them and their goals.  The use of the EM system and the Career Action Plan form help students see and feel we are in fact working with them to make the best decision possible for their career goals.

What results have you seen that show the program’s value (to your organization, your staff, your students)?  

In support of the EM system we also utilize NN for our mystery shops that ensure our teams are compliant and meet and exceed execution standards operationally.  Our shops are consistently in line with our organization’s expectations in both compliance and execution.

What specific ROI can you attribute to the EnrollMatch program? 

A compliant and student focused process has allowed our institution to serve students well and that shows in our outcomes across the board including feedback from students as they graduate and go to work.

What is the potential for other higher ed institutions to replicate some of your successes? 

One of the best attributes to the EM system is that is provides structure and framework, but it can be adapted to each institution based on their goals and culture.

If interested, what steps should someone take to put EnrollMatch in place at their college?

I’ve spoken to several institutions and am always happy to do so at any time. Talking to a long-term user of the system is a great way to get an idea of how it all works and what NN offers as a partner.

What specifically would they need to do to see the success you’ve seen?  

This is a hard one to answer because each institution is different and has different expectations and culture.  My best advice here is to maximize the NN team partnership, they truly are there for you at all levels.

What advice do you have for others who are seeking to implement EnrollMatch at their college? 

Call NN talk to them openly and honestly about your goals and call me if you need to talk to someone who has been there.