ESL Welding Program

Submitted By: John Littleton, Program Director, Continuing Education
Program Contact: Janice Blansit, Program Director JCAE-Adult 

Phone: 913-469-8500  

Johnson County Community College

General Description

ESL Weld Program incorporates English immersion while learning a skilled trade in welding. Students are teamed up to learn specific welding skills in MIG, Layout and Fabrication as well as weld safety. Together the team must communicate in English with their instructor and with each other to develop a plan and execute the plan to complete tasks to assemble a working product.

New Curriculum

ESL Welding challenges the traditional requirement that English language learners master language proficiency before training for an in-demand career with family-sustaining wages. An ESL teacher is embedded in the technical training sessions. Technical training occurs twice per week in 4-hour sessions. The ESL teacher is present in these sessions, and also meets with the students on alternate days for 4 hours each day to reinforce vocabulary and technical concepts, and to prepare for the next class session. The ESL instructor also teaches traditional ESL, civics and soft skills for employment success. This full immersion style of instruction and intrusive support ensures that students are challenged and well-supported throughout the entire program. Additionally, the ESL teacher takes on the role of organizer and supporter extraordinaire to help students’ bond with the program and with each other to increase their commitment and potential for success. The ESL teacher also is there to further support the Welding instructor to provide guidance where needed in working with the diverse set of students. This team approach coupled with continuous support ensures the students are given every opportunity for success.