McCorvey Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program ​

Submitted By: Amrit Ahluwalia, Managing Editor, The EvoLLLution
Program Contact: Sarah Janes, Associate Vice Chancellor  
Program Lead: Jerelyn Hughes-Glenn, Director IT Tech

San Jacinto College

General Description San Jacinto College has a unique apprenticeship program in place with a local employer, McCorvey Sheet Metal. In many ways, the apprenticeship model mirrors a standard structure: the College provides Related Technical Instruction (RTI) and the Employer provides formal On-The-Job Training (OJT). But San Jacinto and McCorvey have established a more robust apprenticeship partnership that brings McCorvey expertise on-campus and ensures learners are progressing their education in lockstep with their career development. In this apprenticeship program, McCorvey senior employees qualify as adjunct faculty at San Jacinto and teach the courses on-campus in the evenings. Apprentices progress from Level 1 through 4 with full-range support both from their college and employer, and with no fall-off between the theoretical education and practical application. Over 90 apprentices progressed through the San Jacinto-McCorvey apprenticeship program in 2018-19 and, with a new registration system in place, SJC has made registration and persistence even more seamless for their learners.

​New Curriculum

The program was designed to deliver a high-quality workforce development program tailored specifically to the needs of McCorvey Sheet Metal. San Jacinto worked hand-in-hand with McCorvey to ensure the curriculum delivered the theoretical expertise learners need to buttress and support their practical learning experiences on the job site. Furthermore, by actively engaging senior employees of McCorvey as adjunct faculty, San Jacinto has gone beyond the bounds of most apprenticeship programs by ensuring the material being taught in the classroom is 100% relevant to success at McCorvey.


The program achieves sustainability through its apprenticeship format, which ensures programming is affordable for learners, employers and the college alike. Additionally, by leveraging the capability of their new registration system, the manual burden typically faced by college staff in processing apprentice registrations and program procession is lifted, allowing the college to deliver a higher-quality experience to the learners.


The unique design of the program, which brings McCorvey senior staff into the classroom to further unite the theoretical and practical learning experiences delivered through the apprenticeship structure, is highly replicable. It requires colleges to forge strong partnerships with local employers and to be open to supporting a program design process that is truly tailored to—and aligned with—the needs of their industry partner.