Corporate College Program

Submitted By: Lorraine Richardson, VP Operations, Growth Development Associates
Program Contact: Dr. Richard Cothran 

Tri County Technical College

General Description

The Tri-County Technical College has implemented its Corporate College program as a landmark for all 16 technical colleges throughout the State of South Carolina. From the initial planning stages through the launch of the first course, Dr. Richard Cothran engaged and collaborated with other workforce development leaders throughout the state to provide People Leadership, Workplace Communication, Consultative Selling and Advanced Account Management training to companies and individuals. The first class, Consultative Selling, was launched in September 2019 at the Tri-County Technical College campus and was a huge success with adult learners who recently completed their state licensing training in Real Estate. Nine of the students passed the NCCET Certification for Sales Professionals.


Dr. Cothran has engaged the business community in the surrounding counties by hosting an Apprenticeship Conference fo 45 companies, including AnMed and Arthrex, and by scheduling sales calls on small businesses in the area. His efforts with the conference, sales calls, and aligning with the Real Estate training will yield a steady stream of classes held at both the Tri-County Technical College campus and at the corporate offices in the area. Rick has classes scheduled for January, February, and March 2020 with the potential for generating over $75,000 in the first quarter of the year.


To replicate this program throughout the State of South Carolina, Dr. Cothran has engaged his colleagues at the 15 technical colleges to launch the classes on their campuses. The other colleges will use the TCTC trained instructors to teach the initial classes while they get their instructors trained and certified to teach the classes on their campuses. Tri-County Technical College will manage the expansion of the program throughout the state with its existing personnel.

Resources Required

The resources required are class content, training instructor certification, classroom space, and business development activities.

Time Allocated

The launch of the program requires 16 weeks.


The subject matter experts are the Growth Development Associates, Inc. instructors and instructor trainers. The key contact for the program at TCTC is Dr. Richard Cothran.