Corporate College Program

Submitted By: Lorraine Richardson, VP Operations, Growth Development Associates
Program Contact: Jessica McKee, Director, Workforce Education

Weatherford College

General Description

The Weatherford Corporate College was established in May 2019 with an outstanding community engagement program aimed at addressing the corporate training needs of every business, organization, and government office throughout the five-county area Weatherford College serves.


Following the initial start-up, Weatherford Corporate college has invested in training and instructor certification to provide ongoing classes on its campus and at business and government locations. Weatherford has established a class schedule for the first quarter of 2020, and has incorporated the corporate training in to grants that will be awarded throughout 2020. 


The key roles and functions required to implement this program are: (1) a business development team which engages the community through sales calls and marketing activities, (2) a team of certified instructors, (3) a relationship with a quality content provider who can customize the content for various industries when required, and the leadership to manage these resources and relationships to deliver an outstanding program.

Resources Required

The program launch requires 16 weeks of planning activities and implementation projects.

The key contacts are the Director of Workforce Education, Jessica McKee, and her team, as well as the content owner, Growth Development Associates, Inc., and its instructors and instructor trainers.