Personal Finance

Not just training… DECISIONS! We are going to shatter the generational wealth gap that has existed for hundreds of years.

62% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, going deeper into debt every month.  40% of Americans could not cover a $400 cash emergency. We can fix that with education about how to make financial decisions.


  • Every student, alumni, worker, retiree, and their families could master all 8 areas of the financial decisions that enable building and sustaining financial health.
  • Every participant shared the knowledge by helping friends and family in the community.

Consultative Selling for Real Estate Agents

The vast majority of sales training programs actively tell you what to do. In contrast, the keystone sales methodologies offered in GDA’s Consultative Selling courses teach you how to do it. This course provides an overview of each of the eight courses and a very real GDA teaching style experience. Take this course and you’ll see why audiences world-wide rave about our use of music, videos, and reinforcing quizzes to keep you engaged while growing your skills base.