What happened?

Everything changed this year.

  • On January 9th China reported the first death linked to the new coronavirus, 2019-nCoV.
  • On Jan 21st – the WHO confirmed human to human transmission of the virus.
  • Feb 11th – WHO assigned the novel coronavirus its official name: COVID-19.
  • March 8th – Over 100 countries report cases of COVID-19.
  • March 11th – WHO declares the global COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.
  • March 19th – California becomes the first state to issue a stay-at-home order
  • March 20th – Schools across the United States closed this week by the state governors.
  • Colleges and universities at all levels scramble to implement online training and collaboration tools.   

So what is this?

Staff and faculty personnel in almost all of our schools are now working and teaching from home. All are to be commended for rising to the occasion. Some have outperformed expectations. Some must now stop and look at what they’ve done and decide upon next steps.

These four days will go beyond raising awareness. The combined titles and expertise will result in true learning experiences for school administrators, department heads and faculty.

Monday May 18 - Schedule of Events


Tuesday May 19th - Schedule of Events


Wednesday May 20th - Schedule of Events


Thursday May 21st - Schedule of Events