Event date: 2/4/2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Export event
Ed Harper

Become the Corporate College for Your Community

Revenue Generation Strategies Breakout Session - Friday, 10:00 -10:45 AM Central - Room 2

Large companies like IBM, Apple, and Microsoft have corporate education centers with large staffs that provide curriculums to develop and maintain fundamental and advanced business skills.

Most of the companies in our communities are small and medium-sized businesses without the resources to develop and hone the skills of their new hires, employees and managers.  Your college can become the “Corporate College” for all of the businesses in your communities.

Learn the three key components for becoming the “Corporate College” of your community.

  1. The core corporate skills content that touches every employee and manager across companies and industries.
  2. The go-to-market strategies to establish your “Corporate College presence

The client acquisition and retention strategies that establish and grow revenues from the businesses in your communities.