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Call for Proposals

NCCET 51st National Conference and Exhibit Hall

The Call for Proposals for Break Out Sessions is now open.   Break Out Session Tracks include Growth Strategies for Revenue Generation; Professional Development for Staff and Employees, and NCCET-Certified Curriculum Programs.  We are accepting proposals NOW! We will once again feature Exemplary Program Awards during this conference in the same featured categories.   Submission for a Breakout Session at the conference will in no way preclude you from consideration for an EPA, but the EPA submission process is a separate process.

New Growth Strategies for Revenue Generation and Increased Enrollments:  NCCET is dedicated to promoting and enabling proven and effective revenue growth initiatives across all strategic areas. Whether our role is to serve as a clearinghouse or strategic ideas or programs that we can share between schools, or to assemble the think tank participants needed to arrive at the solutions our members need… our schools are entitled to look to NCCET for leadership in this area.  If your school or organization has established a successful strategy that you can share with othe NCCET member schools, this is the category for you.   

Professional Development for Staff and Employees:  The dramatic changes in our world and in our communities, require that we also improve the skills of our community college and university professionals. NCCET has taken a leadership role in identifying subject areas, delivery content, and delivery media suitable to truly make a difference.  The outcomes of our efforts are communicated to member organizations through conferences, publications and newly evolving staff development solutions.  The more relevant these development skills are to the current post-pandemic and cultural needs faced by our communities the better.  Our schools are central to the growth and well being of of this generation and the next.  The topics in this track should help define our readiness to accept this responsibility.   

New NCCET-Certified Curriculum: NCCET is committed to identifying and certifying new curriculum training programs that our colleges can use with any of their priority audiences, students, local clients or community groups.   Companies and schools submit their curriculum content to a rigorous and independent, seven-step evaluation process that includes educational value, a complete course syllabus, materials quality, marketability, accessibility, testing, and quality references. This ensures NCCET members that these programs are world-class in quality, ease of use, and usefulness.  Our member schools are encouraged to adopt these programs for use with their adult-learners, local corporate clients, or internal audiences.  This conference is one of the key methods of sharing the real benefits of thes programs.  NCCET has already determined the world-class nature of these offerings... now help our schools understand what it can do for them.   

You must sign in at nccet.org to establish your account.  There is no cost associated with registering.   Submit your proposal by completing the form under "2022 Conference" on the NCCET website.  The deadline for submissions is November 30th, but we will be actively working to complete the program, so you are advised to submit your proposal ASAP.   

We are as eager to hear from potential speakers from Associate Members as we are from our Institutional Member schools.  We will be closely evaluating these sessions for their value and their impact in their respective categories.  Speakers chosen to present at the conference that are not from Institutional Member schools will NOT be required to join as members in order to present.  They WILL be required to pay conference registration and room fees.  

In addition, we have actively been building our regional organizations to bring the benefits of NCCET membership that much closer to you.   Proposals for sessions that are NOT selected for the Annual Conference may be made available for presentation in our Regional Forums which will take place within your state throughout the year.

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