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Ed Harper
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NCCET Certified Personal Finance Curriculum Instructor Certification

GDA Decisions-Decisions Train-the-Trainer Event


Today, colleges, business, communities, government are all focused on personal finance education in the community to break the generational wealth gap in this country.  Even today, 62% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, going more in debt every month because they never learned how to make eight simple decisions about handling money.  NCCET colleges are going to be in the forefront of leading the way to changing that.

August 17 - 18 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, NCCET’s certified personal finance curriculum provider, GDA, will conduct a two-afternoon virtual certification class for instructors from NCCET member colleges for personal finance.  The NCCET-certified personal finance course is called DECISIONS/DECI$ION$ and includes eight modules to enable eight informed decisions to change lives.  Key highlights are:

  • The course is focused not just on education, but on having people make DECISIONS about their financial lives.

  • The eight modules are: Budgeting, Handling Credit, Home Ownership, Savings & Investment, Banking Services, Buying Insurance, Income Taxes, and Social Security & Medicare.  The link below will tee up the announcement video.  (When you get there, click on the speaker icon in the upper right hand corner to enable sound).


  • Unique to the course: the homework assignment for each topic requires the student to use blank copies of the worksheets to help a friend or family member in the community to also make decisions, impacting potentially 9 families for each of the eight topics.

  • The course uses online modules for the student training and testing.  The instructor’s focus is on application to their personal lives, reinforcement discussions, and decision interactions.

  • SPECIAL OFFER for NCCET members:

    • $2500 registration fee includes

      • Up to five instructors for certification

      • The first 25 student “lab fees.”  Students use online course completion for all eight modules as required completion and testing.  The student online lab fee is $99 per student, so 25 student fees equals a $2,475 value in addition to instructor certification for up to five instructors.