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NCCET National Member's Conference and Partners' Exhibition
Ed Harper

NCCET National Member's Conference and Partners' Exhibition

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The next, 52nd National Conference and Exhibition will take place on February 28 – March 3, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee at the luxurious Nashville Hilton Downtown Hotel.

We will once again consolidate our efforts on making the plenary sessions and breakout sessions extraordinarily informative and valuable.  Our membership focus remains on the colleges themselves and what each institution can do on for the benefit of continuing education and training services.  Break out sessions will continue to follow our three-fold value proposition, offering innovative staff development programs, revenue generation strategies, and new curriculum programs from our growing NCCET certification efforts.

Our NCCET Exemplary Program Award will have a more region-centric focus going forward.   Our Regional Directors and Area Managers will play a key role in the identification and nomination of EPA recipients for 2022.   Rather than heaping additional praise on programs that have already garnered recognition and high levels of visibility… we are hoping to find the unheralded, steadfast programs perhaps known only to the local stakeholders.   If these programs can account for consistent results and literally “move the needle” in the accomplishment of their CE and workforce development objectives, these are the programs we want to find.   The NCCET EPA program will shine a much-deserved spotlight on the authors and managers of such programs, and ultimately work with our key communications channels to applaud that institution across the nation.   

With the 51st Conference event in Austin, we moved significantly closer to bringing our sponsoring exhibitors into the NCCET family.  Similarly, participants in our Nashville Partners’ Exhibition will be included in every aspect of the conference event.   We will make them extremely accessible and available for the mutually beneficial conversations essential to education and learning.   Their participant teams will introduce themselves early in the program during the Regional Director’s Meeting which is now a mainstay of future NCCET events.   They will also be welcome to attend or any of the breakout sessions they wish.  Finally, the bar for actually delivering a breakout session has been raised and exhibitors who meet such high expectations will be welcomed.   

We are clearly excited about the future.  This will once again be an event for our Institutional Members.  Please continue to monitor your membership and renewal status as a college.  The identification of a College Administrator for each member will help us ensure that the CE and workforce development personnel from each institution will actually be the recipients of NCCET news and updates throughout the year.   We will use both national and regional channels to keep you advised as more information becomes available.     

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