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NCCET 's Commitment to Conferencing

NCCET has taken a strong stand in not making you wait for the all-clear signals. 

Whether you are one of our newly established Associate Member schools or an Institutional Member that has been with us for years, in light of the pandemic, you deserve to know how NCCET plans to move forward in providing you with the conferencing services that justify your membership dollars.   

  1. This document will first explain our plans for member conferences now and in the future.   
  2. Then we will provide some initial information about our next virtual conference coming this September... PathFinder.     

An association’s annual conference is typically the heart of the organization.  It certainly was for NCCET.  It pumped the lifeblood of our council in the form of news, and fellowship, and inspirational ideas, and shared success stories, and laughter… and common interests.  This is where you caught up with each other’s professional and personal lives with the passing of another year.  Too often, the motivating factor in renewing each year’s institutional membership, was found only in images and recollections from the last annual conference.    

COVID-19 has put a stop to this.  For how long, we don’t know.  We have new trigger words and terms like “herd immunity,” “social distancing,” “contact tracing” and others that will play a major role in determining when we will feel safe enough to actively participate in such gatherings again.   There are those who believe we will be in self-quarantine mode until the first quarter of 2021.  Others like myself… fear it will take longer than that. 

Meanwhile NCCET has taken a strong stand in refusing to make you wait for the all-clear signals.  We will not ask our members to jeopardize their health and safety by prematurely holding a face-to-face conference before it is safe to do so, but we don’t have to wait.  Fortunately, we believe that our four-day Distance Learning Adaptation Forum this past May, served as a strong proof-of-concept.   We cannot fully replace the annual conference and all the goodness derived from such an event.  But through the use of today’s online collaboration tools… we can still share news, and inspirational ideas, and success stories… and common interests.    

NCCET members should anticipate both national and regional virtual conference events throughout each year for the foreseeable future.   On the national level, we will likely hold two or three conference events each year.  Two of them will always be virtual events and the third will be a large group gathering only after it is deemed safe to do so.  Regional events will be determined according to the interests and needs of the eleven new NCCET regions. 

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