Event date: 7/14/2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Export event
Ed Harper

Supervisor/Manager- Performance, Counseling & Motivation

Supervisor/Manager- Performance, Counseling & Motivation - A Tapestry Learning Place Webinar by GDA

This session will enhance your career immediately.  And it will enhance the curricula we offer in accredited and continuing education classes.  It’s about the productive, functional relationship between the manager and the employee. 

Whether you are an employee or supervisor, you will leave this session far better prepared for success and satisfaction on the job.  Have you ever been surprised in a year-end performance review?  Have you ever had an employee express disappointment or anger with your assessment?  Have you been taught to accept a workgroup’s performance to have a bell-shaped curve with only the top 20% performing at exceptional levels?  If you and your manager or employee wrote down in detail exactly what excellence is for your job or their job, would you both write the same thing? 

The skills for performance planning and motivation to produce desired results and job satisfaction are the responsibility of both the manager and the employee.  Learn the tools and techniques that will enhance your performance, your employees’ performance and the curricula we offer our students


Eric Richardson, CEO, Growth Development Associates, Inc.