Elite College Membership

Tapestry Learning Place - Free
Annual Conference Fee - $800 includes 3 attendees
Regional Forum Participation – Free for 2 attendees
Academy Staff Development - $95/person/day
Exemplary Program Award

$850.00 / Year

Elite Membership is available to existing and prospective member organizations seeking an advanced relationship with NCCET and its members. This membership includes an unlimited number of individuals. Invitations to membership events are extended at a reduced rate of $600 which includes attendance by three attendees. The fourth and fifth person, etc., pay a reduced rate of $450 per person.

Forum Events within NCCET’s eleven regions are free for Elite Member Colleges who may each send up to five attendees. Express permission to exceed this limit must be obtained in advance from the NCCET Director.

Participation in NCCET Academy Staff Development events is $95 per person for Elite Member colleges with no limit to the number of pre-registered participants.

Elite Member Colleges are encouraged to identify programs developed by their staff personnel in the areas of new curriculum to meet some newly recognized or newly evolving need; staff development needs to meet similar requirements; or revenue generation and growth programs resulting in both value and new income for the school. These programs may be submitted to NCCET for assessment and possible recognition within our annual NCCET Exemplary Program Award initiative.

from Elite Member schools are eligible to register for Tapestry Learning Place broadcasts.

Corporate College Implementation Consulting is included in the Elite Member Colleges fee. This consulting fee has no impact on subsequent operational costs or income percentages.

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