2020 Pathfinder Virtual Conference

Pathfinder Virtual Conference

Your road to financial stability and growth.


September 22 through September 24.

Four educational sessions each day, each session featured as a plenary session and a keynote. The prevailing theme of the event is to provide NCCET members, struggling to cope financially in a time of uncertainty and obligatory changes. The sessions will provide perspectives and success stories that attendees can follow-up on and implement to their benefit. We seek to introduce new voices and new schools into the conversation, gradually broadening NCCET’s scope of influence and impact.

Who is eligible to attend Pathfinder?
  1. Institutional and Elite Member Colleges with paid up memberships through September 30th 2020 are able to attend.
  2. Associate Member Colleges may upgrade their membership to Institutional Membership at a cost of $500 per institution.
  3. Institutional and Elite Colleges in good standing (paid through September 30th 2020) may send as many particpants to Pathfinder as they would like.
NCCET offers the following payment methods:
  1. Credit Card - You may pay online using a credit card
  2. Check - You may place an order and select to pay by check. A receipt will be emailed to you. You may also print a hard copy for payment purposes. Your membership status will be updated upon the receipt of your check.